Week 2/4, 3/4 & 4/4 “LAST US-Mexico Border Water and Environmental Sustainability (UMB-WEST) Summer Campaign”

Hello Everyone!!!

We finally got back to Tempe this past Saturday! We unloaded the equipment and went home. I’m sure everyone was ready to sleep at least 12 hours. 


Agua de Hermosillo Presentation

We started week 2 with meeting professors and students from different universities of Mexico. We attended many talks with government officials from Sonora, Mexico. As you can see on the left we met with Agua de Hermosillo, which they administer the public water of Hermosillo, Sonora. We also were invited to visit the vineyard of Grupo Alta, and we learned so much about the grape agriculture. More specifically, we learned that just by looking at a leaf we can identify which nutrients the plant is needing, such as potassium, magnesium, and others. Down below you can see the group picture with the Grupo Alta workers.


Grupo Alta Vineyard

During week 2 we also visited the Independencia aqueduct reservoir, el Novillo dam, the Distrito de Riego del Valle del Yaqui, and we had several talks addresing Sonoran water issues. Something very unique we were able to do was to visit the manglar de la Huivulai via boats. You can see a group picture of everyone super happy down below.


Manglar Site


Week 3 consisted of field work in Rayon, Sonora. The 14 experiments are as follows:

  1. Rayon tower weir construction
  2. Topographic survey
  3. Isotopic partitioning of evapotranspiration at an agroecosystem
  4. Stomatal conductance of plants
  5. Plant water potential
  6. Daily soil moisture/ temperature sampling
  7. Set-up mobile eddy covariance
  8. Balloon and quadcopter imagery
  9. Field spectrometer sampling
  10. Sap flow measurements
  11. Throughfall, stemflow, and interception loss in oak forest
  12. Geophysical survey
  13. Community water use survey at San Miguel River
  14. Removal of hydrometereological stations in San Miguel basin

At times we ran into difficulties with equipment not properly working, but we all worked as a team and got through the day. Below you can see pictures of several members working in different experiments.



Weir construction


Resistivity machine


Mobile tower in agricultural site


As of Week 4, the ASU members are in charge of putting away all of the field equipment and putting together a presentation that will be shown to the public sometime during the week of August 25th-29th. Please feel free to come and look-out for some of the flyers we will be posting around campus!


This year was unforgettable and we learned so much about hydrology… ONE of a kind experience.

 -Vivianna G.M.-

2014 UMB-WEST participant