Week 1/4 “LAST US-Mexico Border Water and Environmental Sustainability (UMB-WEST) Summer Campaign”

Hola a todos!!! (Hello everyone!!!)


Several participants looking for equipment that we will be taking to Mexico!

The preparation for the LAST campaign officially started this past Monday, July 21, 2014 at 9 am, to be precise. We have been successfully preparing for our trip to Sonora, Mexico which will last for two weeks. Professor Enrique Vivoni and 12 participants (undergraduate and graduate students from different backgrounds) will be traveling to Mexico this Sunday to accomplish several goals, which include:

  • Deploying instrumentation
  • Conducting field sampling
  • Visiting water infrastructure projects, and
  • Interacting with local water managers.

I could go on and on about every little detail, but you can further read and learn about the UMB-WEST 2012 and 2013 Campaigns by clicking on this link. I want to focus more about the experiences and challenges that make the 2014 UMB-WEST Campaign unique. 


Quad-copter! Takes aerial images with a high resolution.

This year we are using a Quad-copter for the first time! We plan on taking aerial pictures of the sites, and you can see an image of it on the left <——. Something very neat about the instrument is how it can be controlled with your cellphone by simply downloading a free app! All of the participants are learning how to use the equipment that will be used to perform the different experiments in Mexico. Some of the experiments that will be completed in the next two weeks entail constructing a weir, setting up a mobile tower, complete a topographic survey, recover stations that were installed in previous years, and pass out surveys to local Sonoran neighborhoods to know their opinion in regard to water issues.

Additionally, we have been learning about GIS mapping through ArcMap and the end result can be seen in our Facebook page. The HEC-HMS hydrological model was also taught to the participants by Dr. Ted Bohn, Enrique’s Post-Doc student.

I am very excited to be part of this team because everyone is very enthusiastic, positive, and prepared to solve any problem we might run into. We are working together as a team and getting things done efficiently. Week 2 will consist of mainly meeting Mexican officials who make the decisions about water issues in Sonora, so I will basically be the reporter of the week. Hopefully I have internet access to publish the “hot” topics that are brought up during the presentations, if not once we come back from Mexico I will publish it!


2014 UMB-WEST Group departing from Tempe!

Cuidense y espero lean el proximo blog (Take care and hopefully you read the next blog)

See you later Tempe!!!

-Vivianna G.M.-

2014 UMB-WEST participant