Day 4: It's LoCo Time!

G’day mates!  It seems like the Australian dialect has finally caught up to me.  With most of the fieldwork complete, we reviewed the glorious amounts of data that DARE/EDGES had produced.  Nothing alarming came up during the day, so we decided to stay in the homestead and organize our gear for our transit back home.  Truth be told, it was quite a good thing to stay in today, given that it was considerably warmer than the previous days.

Representing ASU

Part of the team went to Mullewa to pick up the new addition, Dr. Danny Jacobs.  Bringing new energy and supplies (a filter), Dr. Jacobs was promptly updated about the team’s work.

Hard at work

We are planning to go out (briefly) to the field again tomorrow.  The agenda is to measure the orientation of the DARE and EDGES systems  and to run a few more tests on the DARE receiver.

Site satellite view

It’s important to note about the warning that everyone who visits the MRO will gain weight.  Skeptical at first, I would like to conclude that this is in fact, true.  Imagine being offered multiple, delicious meals throughout day – there is simply no way to say no.  The perfect example is the local yellow lab who has been at Boolardy Station for a few years.  He happily trots around the encampment, taking breaks along the way, and nibbling on unidentifiable crumbs.


Today will be our last day here, we will depart tomorrow afternoon to Geraldton and onto the MWA meeting.

With busy schedules, almost always something on the agenda, and families in different time zones – one often looses track of time.  But when asked what time it is, we respond: “It’s LoCo time here!”.