Wrapping Up the Week

Today was our last day on site here at the MRO in Western Australia! We started the morning again bright and early at 5:30am with a delicious breakfast. Then we had a short telephone conference (yay modern technology!) with Dr. Rich Bradley (NRAO/UVA) who built the antenna. We were inquiring about the response of the system to low frequency signals the antenna was picking up. Once we had an idea of what we needed to look at when we got to the site, we headed out.

Cleaning up.

We started at the site by tidying our little hut up. A lot of the electronics and tools that we brought with us were meant to stay here in Australia, but we had to go through everything to figure out what was staying and what was being packed. After going through everything and making a nice inventory of what was remaining here in Australia, we put everything in organized boxes and either stored them in the hut or put them in the car.

Checking the system.

Once everything was organized, we began our final system tests that we had planned on doing after our telephone conference this morning. We did our tests with the spectrum analyzer and determined that in order to the get the best data, we need to add a high pass filter that should get rid of a bit of the lower frequencies that are complicating the observations.

Judd checking our handy work.

During lunch, Judd and Hamdi discussed the possible ways of making a filter here in Australia, but for quality and reliability, we decided we will ship the filter once we get home and have a staff member here at the MRO who is familiar with our system install it. After this installation the DARE data will be fully functional and up for analysis!

The computer.

We are now back at the homestead doing laundry, packing our belongings, and relaxing after a hard week of work. Judd is also preparing preliminary reports and data plots from all our efforts here in Australia. We will be up again tomorrow at the crack of dawn to start our long journey back to the US with our 8 hour drive back to Perth!

Goodbye MRO.

We would also like to extend our thanks to all the people and staff here at the MRO and Boolardy Station. They were so hospitable and sociable; it made our stay here all the much more enjoyable. I would like to especially thank Barry, Michael, Shaun, Lou, and John specifically. They all helped us whenever we needed anything! Thanks!