Week Two of Preparation

Only one week until we leave for Australia! Naturally this means lots of last minute preparation needs to be done. We have spent this week putting all the last touches on the machinery we have been working on. Apparently Christmas came twice this year! The lab is overflowing with new boxes of voltage regulators, connectors, metal enclosures, heat sinks, tools, screws, etc. Thus, the check list has been slowly whittling down to the last few items that need to be packed.

The antenna was supposed to be shipped on Monday from Green Bank to Australia, so we were all a bit nervous when we heard that it did not get sent on its way on Monday. It turns out snowfall on the mountain roads to the observatory held up the truck, but thankfully it was shipped on Tuesday and should beat us out to the site!

Hamdi finished drawing all of the holes that needed to be cut on the box that will hold the frequency generator and sent that off to get cut at the machining shop. We worked all day on Monday setting up and testing the power supply that will replace the temporary one we built in West Virginia. I have been soldering up a huge cloud of smoke putting that all together while Hamdi has been watching over my shoulder when he is not working on other odds and ends getting ready to leave. Because we leave next Thursday (which we are all very excited about!), I may have to cut the holes for the power supply box myself with a fun tool called a nibbler. The name provided me a little joy, so I thought I would share. Once the power supply is done, Hamdi, Judd, and I will begin the packing processes.
I will keep everyone posted on what is happening during our journey through Australia!