Today's Homework

We (Judd, Hamdi, and Sarah) met up with Abhi, a colleague from Boulder, Colorado, today at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory in Green Bank, West Virginia. Upon arriving here we drove down to the building that contains the antenna, power supply, receiver, and digitizer that bridges the communication between the antenna and our computers. We looked through all of the components to make a game plan for the rest of the week.

Tomorrow, Rich is going to join us. The first order of business is to replace the temperature sensor, which was damaged by a static discharge spike during installation yesterday. Another issue that will be resolved tomorrow is the fact that we need three voltages and will only have two power supplies. Hamdi is going to build a small circuit that will be put into use tomorrow to solve this problem.
In relation to gathering data from the actual instrument, more software needs to be written to make the system remotely accessible for when you go to Australia next month. Judd and Hamdi will hopefully be completing that code enough tonight to test it out tomorrow; this code will be perfected over the time that the instrument is being tested.

Due to the fact that we have to be careful about emitting our own radio interference around all of the radio telescopes that are at the facility, few pictures can be taken when in the field working on the instrument. When we go to take things apart and fix them tomorrow, we will be able to share some photos with you.