When it rains it pours!!

So site 2 has been everything you could wish for on a drilling operation…we’ve collected more core and more samples from those cores in the last two days than we did in the first two weeks of the cruise!  So now, after 3 consecutive 15h days I have a spare moment to myself. The second site as I mentioned is further off the flank of the volcanic zone. It’s not quite as hot, and it has thicker sediments – so we havn’t melted the core liner and there is more hope for microbes!  We’re still waiting to see the results of the cell counting and from the sediment and porewater geochemistry – but it’s quite exciting.

We “stopped” in Okinawa today, actually about 3km off-shore, to change over some of the ship’s crew and the technical staff. Now we’re heading back to the first site to do some more coring.  We’ll have a second sampling party tomorrow and then get back to coring operations.

We’re one day past the half-way point and things are going pretty smoothly!