Sampling Party

We have been coring pretty much continuously for the last few days. We’ve drilled in 4 locations and collected 15 separate cores (each one has multiple sections) our greatest depth reached thus far is about 55m below the seafloor.  While we collect a lot of samples routinely for shipboard analyses and for analyses that are time-sensitive, there are also a lot of samples that get collected periodically at  a sampling party. All the cores get laid out in the lab,  all the scientists get a set of flags, and everyone has a few hours in which to decide where in each core they would like samples.


The curators will log all of the requests and then we go back and collect the samples from the working half of the core. There is also an entire archived half of the core that will be stored at an IODP repository in Japan. One of the great things about IODP is that people will be able to request samples from the archive in the future.

Sometimes there is a very popular section of core, with many sample requests…when that happens the curators and the chief scientists have to discuss how samples of the core will be allocated.

Now that's a popular section of core!