Cores on Deck!

That’s the cry that goes out when there is a core coming up from the drill rig. We’re all very happy to have been hearing that a lot in the last couple of days.   We’ve drilled 5 holes, the last three of which have had 4-5 cores each.  Each core has several sections (as many as 8 sometimes), so that amounts to a lot of core.

The cores get examined for lots of things…this picture has the sedimentologists and geochemists looking at sediments and talking about whether the minerals we see are hydrothermal in origin or whether it is just some kind of non-hydrothermal process.  The bulk of what we’ve seen so far are sulfate minerals like anhydrite, gypsum, and pyrite.  We’ll know more about the mineralogy when we’ve made thin sections and looked at x-ray diffraction patterns.  Some of that will happen over the next few days, some of that will happen in labs back at home.