lots of work to do…

So it’s not all skittles and beer out here in the China Sea! (actually, there’s no beer at all, since it’s a dry ship!). We scientists are responsible for generating an expedition report that details what we did, how we did it, what the results are, and the initial interpretations — it must be finished by the end of the cruise.  So, that means in the few days left before we start working on cores we are trying to get a jump on some of this writing.

We are working in teams (geochemists, microbiologists, sedimentologists, etc.) writing up the methods sections for the expedition report. It’s an interesting challenge to write a coherent scientific methods section for procedures that we are still just learning how to do!  Obviously, it’s a first draft and some of the details (for instance, how often we sampled each core) will have to be filled in as we go. But, the main lab conference room is currently filled with 20 or so scientists all typing away on their computers – seems a lot like what I do at home!